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UPS Driver Shares Heartwarming Moments with Beloved Canine Companions Along His Delivery Journey!

Scott Hodges, a dedicated animal lover, has had a deep affection for pit bulls from his earliest memories. He once had a beloved pittie named Sheba, who remained his faithful companion for an impressive 15 years.

A UPS Carrier’s Connection with Pit Bulls

For the past 32 years, Hodges has been a devoted UPS carrier. Each day on his route, he encounters a diverse array of animals, including one particularly friendly pig. However, it’s the pit bulls that hold a special place in his heart. Over time, he has formed close bonds with these dogs, and they reciprocate his affection wholeheartedly.

Familiar Faces Along the Route

Hodges shared, “I know most, but not all, of the pitties by name.” As part of his daily routine, Hodges makes sure to pause during his UPS route to greet his pit bull friends, along with all the other canine companions. These dogs eagerly anticipate his arrival, knowing they can rely on him for love and sustenance.

Tokens of Love and Care

“All of the pitties on my route are friendly, and I give them biscuits every time I see them,” Hodges explained. He carries with him a simple but meaningful gesture of goodwill – biscuits – that he shares with his four-legged friends, strengthening the bond they share.

Capturing Memories

Hodges is an avid photographer, capturing moments to remember his encounters with these pit bulls. It’s safe to say that he has likely photographed every pit bull on his route by now, preserving the memories of their joyful interactions.

A Warm Welcome from the Pitties

Upon his arrival, the pit bulls greet Hodges with genuine delight. Their wagging tails and excited expressions are a testament to the mutual affection they share with him. Some of them go the extra mile in expressing their joy.

The Bigger Picture

Although Hodges captures images of all the dogs on his route, pit bulls remain his favorite breed. Their unique personalities and the special connection he has developed with them make them stand out in his heart.

A Job Filled with Joy

Scott Hodges considers himself fortunate to have a job that allows him to see pit bulls every single day. His unwavering commitment to stopping and saying hello to his furry pals showcases his boundless love for animals.


**Q1: Why does Scott Hodges have such a strong connection with pit bulls?**
A1: Scott Hodges has had a deep love for pit bulls since he was young, and he once had a pit bull named Sheba who was his cherished companion.

**Q2: What is Scott Hodges’ profession?**
A2: Scott Hodges is a UPS carrier, and he has been serving in this role for 32 years.

**Q3: How does Hodges show his affection for the pit bulls on his route?**
A3: Hodges shares his affection by stopping to greet the pit bulls and other dogs on his route, offering them biscuits as tokens of love and care.

**Q4: Why does Hodges take photographs during his interactions with the dogs?**
A4: Hodges is an avid photographer and uses photographs to capture the memories of his interactions with the pit bulls and other dogs on his route.

**Q5: Are the pit bulls happy to see Hodges?**
A5: Yes, the pit bulls are usually delighted to see Hodges, and they express their joy with wagging tails and excitement upon his arrival.

**Q6: What is Scott Hodges’ favorite breed of dog?**
A6: Scott Hodges’ favorite breed of dog is the pit bull, owing to the strong connections and relationships he has formed with them over the years.

**Q7: How does Hodges feel about his job?**
A7: Scott Hodges feels fortunate to have a job that allows him to interact with pit bulls and other dogs every day, and he never tires of stopping to say hello to his furry friends.



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