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Undernourished Dogs Discover Hope After Surviving Harsh Abuse

Two severely malnourished dogs, bearing almost no fur due to their mistreatment and abandonment from a moving vehicle, were found near a university in Spain.

Outrage among Dog Lovers

The distressing sight of these two dogs, reduced to mere skin and bones, has once again sparked outrage among dog lovers near Ciudad Real, Spain.

Pitiful Condition of the Dogs

When these two dogs were first discovered and brought to the animal protection center, their condition was truly pitiful.

Skin and Bones

These dogs were skin and bones, with their fur in a ragged and nearly bald state.

Naming the Rescued Dogs

The center responsible for their care and treatment has given them names: “Raiz” (Roots) and “Tierra” (Land).

Lack of Exposure to Light

It was revealed that they had not been exposed to much light, which explained their pinkish skin.

Heartbreaking Testimony from a Volunteer

Carmen Diaz, a dedicated volunteer at the center, shared her heart-wrenching testimony, saying, “They were completely starved and had been suffering for weeks and months. This is the most terrible case I have ever seen in my 35 years of working here.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

**Q1: What was the condition of the two dogs when they were found?**

A1: The two dogs were severely malnourished, with almost no fur left on their bodies.

**Q2: What names were given to these rescued dogs?**

A2: The rescued dogs were named “Raiz” (Roots) and “Tierra” (Land).

**Q3: Why did the dogs have pinkish skin?**

A3: The dogs had pinkish skin due to their lack of exposure to light.

**Q4: What did Carmen Diaz, a volunteer, say about the dogs’ condition?**

A4: Carmen Diaz, a long-time volunteer, described the dogs as having been completely starved and suffering for weeks and months. She called it the most terrible case she had witnessed in her 35 years of work at the center.



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