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Traumatized Dog With Scars All Over Her Body Can’t Believe She Is Finally Rescued

Harper had been badly abused and was terrified, according to Natalie Olivieri, who had rescued enough dogs.

Harper was discovered in a huge area in Redland, Florida (often known as “The Redlands”), by Olivieri, vice president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, an Orlando-based rescue group.

“It’s practically a dog dumping ground,” Olivieri claimed to The Dodo. “They’re just left there,”

Another charity, the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, makes daily visits to The Redlands to feed the homeless dogs. According to Jessie Pena, the group’s vice president, it goes through roughly 350 pounds of kibble to feed about 100 dogs.

Pena explained that there are more dogs than it can help.

Pena explained that there are more dogs than it can help.

Pena stated, “There are thousands of dogs out there.” “We simply have a little region to cover. The island of Redland is vast.”

Last February, Furever Bully Love Rescue partnered up with Redland Rock Pit to generate money for dog food, but also to rescue a few dogs in the neighborhood. Olivieri and three other Furever Bully Love Rescue volunteers flew to The Redlands to meet volunteers from the other charity.

It was an incredible event for Olivieri.

“We pulled into this gravel road, and it was utterly secluded,” Olivieri explained. “On your own, you’d never locate it.”

As Redland Rock Pit volunteers began putting out food, dogs began to appear. Harper, a 1-year-old hound mix, was discovered at that time by rescuers. She’d been seen by the volunteers on prior trips to The Redlands, and they guessed she’d been living in the field for around four or five months.

“Maybe five more dogs came out with Harper,” Olivieri added. “She simply fully dropped to the ground in horror as soon as Harper reached us and we met.”

Harper had scars on her head and back, in addition to being visibly scared of others.

“She was certainly abused and neglected,” Olivieri stated. “There was no way we could abandon her there.”

Rescuers were able to slip a leash around Harper’s neck, but she refused to move when they tried to return her to the truck.

“We had to get Harper,” Olivieri explained. “At this time, we didn’t even put her in a crate, so we put a blanket on the floor.”

Harper (and two other dogs from The Redlands) were taken to the vet for a checkup when Olivieri and the other Furever Bully Love Rescue volunteers returned to Orlando. Harper was treated for anemia, worms, and a tooth infection.

Harper’s fear issues, on the other hand, would take a long time to heal.

“She didn’t stand up for nearly three days,” Olivieri said.

Harper clung to anyone who lifted her up as if her life depended on it.

Jennifer Adorno, president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, told The Dodo, “I had never had a dog hang onto me so close.”

“That may be a comfort factor, or she could be holding on to avoid falling,” Olivieri said. “It’s tough to say with such tortured dogs.”

Harper was placed in foster care with Cheryl Kessler since Furever Bully Love Rescue does not have a physical shelter. Harper has only been with Kessler for a few weeks, but he has already noticed a major improvement in her.

Kessler told The Dodo, “She leaves her crate and runs around outside.” “She’s doing donuts in the backyard and basically acting like any other dog. I adore watching her break out from her cocoon and unveil her genuine self.”

In around five months, Harper will be available for adoption. If you’d like to adopt her, or one of Furever Bully Love Rescue’s other dogs, get in touch with them. On the website of the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, there are numerous homeless dogs waiting for homes.



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