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Resilient ‘Unicorn Dog’ Finds a Loving Home After Overcoming Hardships

From Near Euthanasia to Loving Family

Strawberry, a 2-year-old pit bull with the nickname “unicorn dog,” has overcome a challenging past to finally find a caring family in South Pasadena. After moving from one shelter to another and facing the threat of euthanasia due to a bump on her head, Strawberry’s fortunes have taken a heartwarming turn.

Enduring Tough Times

Rescued by the La Belle Foundation in Los Angeles, Strawberry’s journey has been far from easy. The rescue organization highlighted her struggles in a social media post, describing the visible signs of her difficult past. With scratches on her swollen face, goopy eyes, and two prominent lumps on her head, Strawberry’s appearance told a story of hardship.

Misunderstood Lump

The journey took a concerning turn when shelters mistook a lump on Strawberry’s head for a tumor, leading them to consider euthanasia. However, thorough examinations revealed that the lump was actually scar tissue from a previous injury and posed no immediate danger to her life.

A Loving Family Steps In

When Strawberry’s health had improved and she was ready for adoption, the Kuhlman family in South Pasadena spotted her profile online and felt an instant connection. Despite the recent loss of a cherished pet, the family was drawn to Strawberry’s story and decided to welcome her into their home.

Finding a Perfect Match

Kristen Kuhlman, the matriarch of the family, expressed her feelings about Strawberry: “Something about her spoke to me. She had been searching for a home for a while, and we couldn’t ignore her presence on the website.”

A Home Full of Love

Eager to heal from their previous loss, the Kuhlmans opened their hearts to Strawberry, providing her with the affection she needed. Claire Kuhlman, one of the twin daughters, gleefully shared, “She’s a great snuggler. She loves to lie on top of you.”

Defying the Odds

The Kuhlmans couldn’t believe that Strawberry had once been on the brink of euthanasia. Jack Kuhlman, the twin son, commented, “We often wondered about the bump on her head. I think that’s why it took her so long to find a home.”

Embracing the Name

Strawberry’s unique name came with her, and the family decided to keep it as it suited her well. Jeff Kuhlman, the patriarch, explained, “It’s a cute name. We sometimes call her ‘Strawbs’ for short. We even found a leash with strawberry designs that made it all come together.”

Becoming Part of the Family

The children eagerly welcomed Strawberry into their daily routines. After school, playing fetch and snuggling with their new furry friend became cherished activities that brought smiles to their faces.

Beloved in the Neighborhood

Strawberry’s distinctive bump on her head makes her easily recognizable in the neighborhood. The Kuhlmans shared that people passing by often shout greetings to her. Kristen Kuhlman added, “She’s loved by many in the community.”

## FAQs

What challenges did Strawberry face before finding her forever home?
Strawberry, the pit bull nicknamed “unicorn dog,” endured a rough life, moving between shelters and facing the possibility of euthanasia due to a misunderstood lump on her head.

**Q2:** How did the Kuhlman family come to adopt Strawberry?
After spotting Strawberry’s profile online, the Kuhlman family, who had recently lost a long-time pet, felt a connection with her story and decided to provide her with a loving home.

**Q3:** What endeared Strawberry to the Kuhlman family?
Kristen Kuhlman, the matriarch, explained that something about Strawberry’s presence spoke to her, and they were drawn to her through her online profile.

**Q4:** What activities have become part of Strawberry’s routine in her new home?
Strawberry enjoys playing fetch and snuggling with the Kuhlman children after their school hours, bringing joy and warmth to the family.

Q5: How does Strawberry’s appearance make her stand out in the neighborhood?
Strawberry’s unique bump on her head makes her easily recognizable, and she has garnered admirers in the community who affectionately call out to her.



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