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Rescued Blind Dog, Once Exploited, Finally Thrives in a Loving Home

A Desperate Discovery

Nina’s story begins with a heartbreaking discovery. Found in a dire state, she was on the brink of death, malnourished and plagued by severe eye problems. It was evident that she had been used for breeding and selling her offspring, a life of exploitation and neglect.

Thankfully, Nina’s fate took a turn for the better when the compassionate team at ThisisHouston came to her rescue. They wasted no time in rushing her to a veterinarian who, faced with her deteriorating eye condition, had no choice but to remove her eyes. Initially, Nina was a somber, forlorn soul.

Over time, though, Nina’s demeanor transformed. Despite her painful past, her spirit began to shine through as she adapted to her new life.

A Second Chance at Happiness

Life seemed to be improving for Nina, but her heartache continued when she was unsuccessfully tested by two different families. Despite these setbacks, the old saying “the third time’s the charm” held true, as Nina’s story was destined for a happy ending.

Nina’s incredible journey began when she was discovered on a bridge in Rosenberg, Texas. So emaciated that onlookers initially mistook her for a lifeless form, she was in a pitiful state. It was clear that she had suffered from severe malnutrition and her eyes were suffering from infections. What was most astonishing, however, was the realization that she had most likely been used as a breeding machine before being discarded on that very bridge.

To save her life, Nina’s infected eyes had to be removed. Remarkably, in just two short months, her transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. The volunteers who cared for her were deeply moved by her unwavering determination and resilience.

Nina found a temporary home with a family who adored her. Their unconditional love and patience were instrumental in helping her heal and thrive. They embraced her stubbornness and cherished her deeply.

While Nina had experienced two failed attempts at adoption, the third family she encountered proved to be the perfect fit. Her foster parents, who had grown to love her immensely, made the difficult decision to let her go, knowing that they would miss her dearly.

Though it was undoubtedly tough for Nina’s adoptive parents to say goodbye, they received regular updates on her progress and even had the joy of looking forward to her future puppies. Their courage in bidding farewell meant they could save another pup in need.

In the end, Nina found the love and happiness she deserved after enduring so much pain at the hands of those who failed to appreciate the love she was always ready to give.


**Q1: What was Nina’s condition when she was discovered?**
A1: Nina was found malnourished and suffering from severe eye problems, likely due to her past life of breeding and neglect.

**Q2: Who rescued Nina?**
A2: Nina was rescued by the ThisisHouston animal rescue organization.

**Q3: Why did Nina’s eyes have to be removed?**
A3: Nina’s eyes had to be removed due to severe infections caused by neglect and malnutrition.

**Q4: How many families tried to adopt Nina before she found her forever home?**
A4: Nina had two unsuccessful attempts at adoption before finding the third family that became her forever home.

**Q5: What was the outcome for Nina in the end?**
A5: In the end, Nina found a loving home and the happiness she deserved after enduring a difficult past.



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