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Meet Morocho, The Dogo Who Defeated A Puma To Save Two Little Girls

The Day of the Frightening Encounter

A few months ago, Ulises, the grandson of Dr. Nores Martines, set out on a day trip to La Cocha with his 10-year-old daughter, Sofia. Their mission was simple: travel to their destination and back in a single day. Their journey went smoothly.

A Dangerous Climb for Figs

Upon arriving at the estancia, Ulises began working alongside the foreman, Tomas. Meanwhile, Sofia and Tomas’ daughter, Yoli, sought permission to venture to a massive fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house to collect and enjoy some figs.

Yoli, eager to reach the sweetest figs at the top of the tree, climbed as high as she could. Little did she know that she wasn’t the only one in that tree.

An Unexpected Threat

Around seven feet above the ground, Yoli started to hear strange sounds in the tree, with branches rustling and leaves moving. She looked up and saw a large puma leaping down from the highest branches. The beast struck Yoli with its paw, causing her to fall from a height of two meters, landing flat on her back.

Morocho’s Heroic Intervention

Morocho, one of Ulises’ loyal Dogo Argentino dogs, had been playfully following the girls as they explored the estancia, his tail wagging as always. When Yoli’s cries reached her father’s ears, he rushed to the scene. Morocho, on the other hand, faced the puma head-on, willing to sacrifice his own life to save two young girls.

Tomas Bracamonte, Yoli’s father, initially thought it might be a snake and sprinted to their aid. When he arrived, he found Morocho severely injured but still alive, and the puma had fled.

Morocho’s Heroic Legacy

Thanks to Morocho’s bravery, those two little girls are alive today. Morocho’s remarkable act of courage touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. He truly is a guardian angel in fur, watching over us all.


**Q1: What breed is Morocho?**
A1: Morocho is a Dogo Argentino, known for its strength and courage.

**Q2: Did Morocho survive the encounter with the puma?**
A2: Yes, Morocho was seriously injured but survived the encounter.

**Q3: What happened to the puma after the attack?**
A3: The puma fled the scene after Morocho confronted it.

**Q4: How did Morocho’s heroic act affect people worldwide?**
A4: Morocho’s bravery and sacrifice touched the hearts of millions of people across the globe, inspiring admiration and gratitude for his actions.



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