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Dog Found Almost Dead and Tied Inside a Plastic Bag Gets a Fresh Start

In July, a heart-wrenching discovery was made in Transylvania, Romania – a puppy found tied up in a plastic garbage bag, on the brink of death.

When rescuers opened the bag, they found the puppy in a dire state. Her leg was fractured, and her flesh was being consumed by maggots. She was severely malnourished, dehydrated, and had sustained a significant head injury. It was clear that she had been subjected to cruel treatment in an attempt to end her life.

Anora was rushed to Transylvania Animal Care for immediate medical attention. The first priority for the doctors was to address the swelling in her brain. Subsequently, they worked tirelessly to remove the maggots that were devouring her flesh. Despite her dire circumstances, Anora’s will to survive shone through, inspiring her rescuers.

In honor of her incredible resilience and determination, the medical team named her “Anora,” which means “light.” This name symbolized the hope that Anora represented in the face of such darkness.

Anora’s journey to recovery continued as she was eventually brought to England. There, she found a loving family, including Helen Taylor, who adopted her. Anora underwent leg surgery, and her progress was remarkable.


Anora’s transformation was nothing short of miraculous. She went from being a helpless puppy on the verge of death, unable to walk, to a healthy and vibrant dog with a loving family. Her remarkable recovery filled her new owners with hope for her bright future, where she would soon be able to run and play like any other dog.

The dog was taken to Transylvania Animal Care for emergency medical care.


Q1: How did Anora end up in such a dire situation?

A1: Anora was discovered tied up in a plastic garbage bag, severely injured and malnourished, in Transylvania, Romania. It is suspected that she had been cruelly abused and left to die.

Q2: What kind of injuries did Anora have?

A2: Anora had a fractured leg, severe head injuries, and her flesh was being devoured by maggots. She was also malnourished and dehydrated.

Q3: What does the name “Anora” mean?

A3: “Anora” means “light.” It was chosen as a name to symbolize the hope and resilience that Anora displayed in her journey to recovery.

Q4: How is Anora doing now?

A4: Anora underwent leg surgery and is now healthy and living with a loving family in England. Her remarkable transformation is a testament to her resilience and the power of compassion and care.



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